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Hello, I am Maria. I was born in Greece, then moved to the states where I have spent most of my life. I am a mother of two teen boys, who are voraciously hungry, as every mother in the world can attest to.  I am in training to becoming a nurse during the next year and a half.


I have grown up being aware of who was on the other end of the telephone before I answered it, and I have answered questions before people have had the chance to ask.  I have always been naturally intuitive and been able to see the way energy moves around and in people’s lives.

I have started my training at a young age because my girlfriends have asked me about their love lives.   My reputation grew as my girlfriends passed my name around to others in search of answers for their potential futures.


I have been a student of the spiritual for many years now and I have been a background supporter of Wisdom Seekers since before its inception.


I like working with people and would be delighted to work with you.



This is an example of a love candle reading I performed for valentine’s day. I used some of my homemade oils and herbs. The main reason I do that is to clear the energies coming from the individual requesting the reading and the energy of the situation/individual of interest. That also helps me see more clearly where the interference comes from. Example individual(s) fears/beliefs, environment etc. I meditate and set my intention while prepping the candle. After the candle is lit there are a few things I pay attention to. I pay attention to the flame and how it’s burning, that alone gives me a lot of information. Also, the energy I feel and messages I get while the candle is burning. I keep track of how long the candle takes to burn completely down. When I buy candles I burn one of them down with no intentions to see how long it takes to burn down and how clean is the burn. I have had a candle that should take 48 hours to burn down burn in less than 24 hours or vice versa. The number of hours helps me narrow down a time frame. Then the wax residue and symbols formed when the candle is done burning is where I get most of my messages. The wax in this candle burned down pretty well with little to no residue left, which indicates that messages are clear and they not a big change of things I see changing at the moment. On this particular candle, they are a few symbols. For Example, I see a Boat that can mean quite a few things, and what surrounds it can influence the meaning. In this particular reading, I see it as changes in life’s path.

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  1. Brandon Finan

    The reading was true clear and absolutely amazing. To anyone who may be a skeptic she knew more about me and certain things I asked then my closest friends and we never talked untill the reading.

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