Just a thought

B Elizabeth with wisdomseeker.net

March 2021

It has been so long since I wrote this for wisdomseekers.net.  Just like many of you, I have been hit hard and knocked down.  There was Covid 19, then tropical storm Marco, then hurricane Laura, then tropical storm whatever that one was named, then hurricane Delta hit us, and then just because – we had a major worst ever ice storm.   I feel worn out.  I feel beat.  I feel defeated.  It is easy to live in a positive thought when we are in victory.  Getting up and being positive in defeat is brutal!   

It is easy for me to tell you, “you got this!” when I am in the victory of life.  It is easy for me to say “Live a spiritual way of life” when I am sitting in my Zen dojo all happy.  Now I have had to say it while I was still laying on the ground getting kicked.  Now I have had to say it while I am pulling myself up.  Now I have had to say it when everything in me wants to lay down and quit.  How do you do that?  Where does it come from?  Where does the power to try and get up when you are still being kicked down come from?  If I could wrap that up in a bottle and sell it, I would be wealthy beyond understanding.  The truth is there is no magic serum that makes me get out of bed.  Sometimes just getting out of bed is victory.  Waking up and moving is a victory.  

Here I sit trying to find some motivational or inspirational wisdom to pass on to you.  I can not tell you life does not hurt.  It hurts!  I can not say doing this will make it better.  It does not change life!  My life is like many of your lives.  It is a wreck! What is the secret?  For me, it is prayer, meditation, and building determination.  I build it in myself by will.  The force of will. I lean heavily on my spiritual learning and wisdom.  IT CAN NOT JUST WORK IN THE ZEN DOJO!  IT MUST WORK IN REAL LIFE!  It must work when my life is this.  The only way it can work is if I get up and make it work.  

There is a great scene on a show I love where the hero is facing a moral question.  Does she give up everything she believes in to survive?  She is being told her way of life will not work in the place she has found herself. She must set it aside to live.  She will die if she lives by it.  That possibility is there.  It is there for all of us.  It is at that moment she says something that inspires me.  She says, “I believe I will survive because of my way of life.”  She goes out and does it!  She just does.  She forges a way to do it.  By will and determination, she lives in her spiritual belief in the moment of her most difficult of challenges.  Sometimes she wins and sometimes she loses.  In the end, she has one thing that makes it work.  She has determination.  She has the will to go forward.  She makes herself get up.  That is the secret I think.  That decision that says ‘I will get up.’ Until I am dead, I will get up.  

Do ‘I got this’? HA! No. But if I believe it hard enough, say it enough, and I keep getting up and going after it, I will have it.  My determination will eventually break it down.  Then I will be able to say, “In your face!” “My way works!”  “Ha! I didn’t only get this, I ruled it now!”  

A strong spiritual life is not the answer to the problems we face in living life.  A strong spiritual life gives us the tools we need to forge the power of will inside of us and find a way.  It gives us something to grab when we are on the ground.  It gives us the power to get out of bed. At least it does for me.  That is why I can look at you and say in all the power of my truth “YOU GOT THIS!” 


For July

By Elizabeth

I am late with this Just A Thought.  I have a great many thoughts so it is not a lack of materials.  It was just life was being so Lifelike and I was in the moment of just enjoying it.   Like yesterday that happened.  It has been so hot that everyone in my house has been up more and more at night.  The whole family is turning into creatures of nocturnal habits!  Even the dogs and cats are up later and later avoiding the heat of the summer sun.  

I sat on the couch watching a weird show and happened to fall asleep.  My son came in and started watching the show and pushed my feet over.  I opened my eyes to catch a snippet of the show and again fell asleep.  When I woke up all the dogs were piled around us and the cat was on my hip.  IT IS A SMALL COUCH!  I could not even breathe.  I looked over and my son had fallen asleep and was snoring away.  I decided to get up and go to bed before my mom joined us.  At that moment I was with almost everything I love in this world.  It was a moment I shall never allow myself to forget.  Even though I slipped away to my bed leaving the television on, I loved waking up with everyone piled around me.  I am a mom.  I am a caretaker.  I am alive.  In that moment I am alive still forever with the things I love around me.  

I am also late posting this Just A Thought, but I doubt anyone will read it too much.  I am not being melodramatic and pushing for sympathy.  I just am in the hope that they are living a moment.  They are too busy to read about my quiet thoughts.  They are too busy finding they fell asleep and all the things they loved piled up around them.  They just don’t have time for my just a thought.  We should all be blessed with such a life that we are alright being late every now and then. 

Just A Thought

By Elizabeth

For June

My thought is everyone keeps telling me what to think and it is annoying.  I love telling other people what I think, and that is just being honest.  I hate it when other people tell me what to think.  I try not to do that but I am pretty sure I get pushy about what I think about things.  Especially if someone asks me about it.  “What do you think about this?”  Well, I think….  Then it almost always happens the person goes, “OMG you are so crazy! How could you think that?”  Variations on this response are “Girl you need church!”,  “Have you considered getting some help?”, and my all-time favorite, “Something is seriously wrong with you!!”  

There is a large difference in telling what you think and telling others what to think.  I notice on the news they do the latter by making you think they are doing the former.   I watched this very important man giving some very good information.  As soon as he was done fifteen people came on to tell me what he said.  Like I can’t hear that for myself.  I noticed they never showed him saying it.  They were all just telling me what he said.  I don’t like that.  I don’t want you to tell me what something is.  I want to see it.  I want to hear it.  I want to form my own thoughts on it.  

This is something that is bothering me, and in the “Just A Thought” writing I thought I would write about how I don’t like it when people do this.  It is annoying.  It is also something we should raise our awareness of.  Do we believe what we believe because we think it is true, or because we have been told it is?  Now there is just a thought

Eliz-sha Wise Woman

The World Today

By Eliz-sha wisdomseekers.net

The world is turning, and it will never be what we thought of as normal again. The New Normal is on everyone’s lips. But what will be the New Normal. Will we be in a big brother state with FB telling us we can not have an opinion that is outside of its narrow belief? It happened to me, I shared some interesting post and I got a note, two in fact that this was fake news. I personally did not believe it to be fake at all but the truth that is not told to “We the People”.

 You see, I am all for self empowerment and making up our own minds about our reality. Someone made the point there is only one truth, but many people perception of the truth.  So, my perception of the truth right now is that those called the Globalist are trying to tell me what I can and can not believe. They are also trying to tell me what I can and can not do. In what way are they doing this you ask? Vaccines. I will not take a vaccine, I do believe that the right vaccine is a good thing, I do not believe that the Globalist vaccine is a safe vaccine. Globalists have an agenda, eugenics. Which is the culling of the human herd down to manageable levels.

I am on their hit list, I am over 65, I am an independent thinker, I also suggest to people they think through everything for themselves. I believe in using our intuition and to follow our heart over logic which may be logical but not necessarily correct.  I will reiterate you can have a far healthier life if we trust our self and believe we are following your own feelings truthfully.

Having said this, I throw it back in our collective laps and say what will we choose. Where are we on Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs? Because it is the law you will follow the dictates of the Law?  Or will you follow what is the law of the universe and think for yourself? Is it right by the law or is it right morally?

The people who hunted Anne Franks were following the law and the people hiding her were doing something illegal.


For the Month of May

By Elizabeth wisdomseekers.net

When I was a young girl I remember on hot days while I was fishing, I would shuck off my shoes and sit with my feet in the cool amber waters.  Sometimes I would stand barefoot in a puddle of fresh rainwater.  The feeling is unique in this world.  Hot day, cool water, and it just seems to vibrate up your body in a soothing peaceful way that can never be explained to overly stressed adults.  Sound and words can be like this experience.  

Sound and energy of words are in our everyday life.  If you do not like hearing the words of the bible, you may want to skip reading this Just a Thought because your fixing to get some spiritual true principles found therein.  It was just your luck that I wrote the Just a Thought after thinking about the power of words and there is a great deal of truth in the bible about the subject.  It never stops to amaze that people seem to easily accept the fact that 528 htz can heal DNA, but they turn a deaf ear to the power held within the very words they speak.

Proverbs 18: 4 says “A person’s words can be life-giving water; Words of true wisdom are as refreshing as a bubbly brook.”  And Proverbs 15; 4 says, “Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”   Well here is some wisdom to place our feet in.  The words we speak into our life hold healing and killing power.  That is why it is so damaging when you call yourself stupid.  You need to stop that. You need to change the words you tell yourself.  

 If you ever want to really delve into how quickly the power of words can change something, study some poetry.  A lot of knowledge is placed in the sound and meaning of the words used.  ‘A brazen bumble bee bounced in a world of blue flowers’.   What does this sentence inspire in you?  Change the word ‘brazen’ to ‘bumbling’ and the image changes with the words.  I can either give you the image of a brave and bold bee with the word brazen, or one of a clumsy animal not worthy of admiration with bumbling.  With one word I have blessed the bee and with another, I have cursed the image of the bee.  Does this surprise anyone that it is that simple?  One spoken word can change the energy and meaning of life around you.  

With a word, we can throw healing blessed energy or pelting curses.  We may not even realize the power of words playing out in our lives.  We blast them through our music, Televisions, social media devices, and even our own mouths.   We speak them to our family, friends, pets, plants, and homes.  All the time either blessing or cursing them.  

In Psalms 119 vs I think it is 130 but not entirely sure, it says  As your word unfolds it gives light and even the simple understand.   Often times we say things to young children, animals, and plants believing they do not understand us.  They will always feel the energy, and power behind the word.  Believing we are talking over people’s understanding does not change the fact as to whether we are blessing or cursing them.  

Words are heavy weapons.  We carry them with us everywhere. They are a  force of energy ready to burst from us and affect everything around us.  Add intended or emotional energy and you magnify their power.  Think about your words in the month of May.  Are you using their power properly?   Do you want to build and create something or destroy something?  Do you fully understand what you are adding to your life listening to that song 50 times a day?   Something to think about….Just a thought.  

My take on the Quarantine

by Eliz-sha

Eliz-sha Wise Woman

Sooo. This is April… What an April this is too. Guaranteed that we will never see another one like this. What does it all mean? Well only time will tell but theses are might thoughts. Like many, I feel this is a good time to get to know yourself and your friends better.  We have been living at light speed for so long we have not had this chance to “Know they self”.

As a society, it is also a chance to know that as well. We can look at social media. How do we feel about some of the trends? What do you think about the education level of a great number of our respective countries? Are we happy with that level or should we take time to let our governments know that we want a better education level? 

Are we happy with our freedoms or so we want to ask for more self-regulation over government regulations? This would go along with teaching our younger generation how to think rather than just repeat given facts. Rather than the bird is blue, the children would say “The bird is blue why is the bird blue”?

We have time right now to look at our lives and see is this the best there is or should be making a concentrated effort to achieve a more desirable outcome. We could quietly tell the world enough is enough and we want to live a more inclusive life.  We want a say in how the money system is run not let some others make these decisions for us. We do actually have that the power to do this as “We the people” who stand together.


By Elizabeth

April 2020

March definitely held some madness for us here in the United States.  Life and creation are cycles of dramatic dances that move with a marvelous rhythm, and we are often swept up in the dancing weather we are willing to turn the tune or not.  It is easy to quip a quote and say something like “Be positive.” “Have an attitude of gratitude” and on and on. ‘ Keep a stiff upper lip’ which I translate to smile in the face of adversity.  What is adversity? Adversity is a difficulty. And it does not matter your status difficulties occur in life. You will face them in prosperous times and in hard times. That is the reality of life.   

There is a Zen story I read long ago where a monk who decides to climb this mountain.  He struggles all the way to the top and as he reaches the final point he pulls himself up to find a Mountain Lion waiting to kill him!   There on the ledge is a strawberry plant growing with ripe red strawberries. He plucks one and eats it before the lion strikes. We live life!  We dance the dance, and in our moments of most difficulty where is our thought? On the moment of living life or the fear of the difficulty?   

In the bible, in Phillippians chapter 4: 8  Paul, who is I think at this time in prison, tells a group of people he is writing to (the Phillippians) “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.”   
Our awareness, as hard as we may find it, should be focused at the moment on things that bring us joy in life.   Difficulties happen. The life of dance is going to move forward to a fast and sometimes frantic step. As we turn the circles we need to take every second to enjoy the strawberries!  As we make the steps we should be aware of, and be focused on, whatever is lovely, excellent, and praiseworthy. That is the secret to a happy life. What we choose to think on even in moments of adversity.  LIFE IS FOR LIVING!

Beware the Ides of March  

By Eliz-sha

Eliz-sha Wise Woman

This is the day William Shakespeare made famous in the play about Julius Caesar, head of the Roman Empire for life. This is the day Caesar was stabbed to death and uttered the lines Et tu, Brute? [ (et tooh brooh-tay) ]

Since then Beware the Ides of March has been a saying, suggesting that the 15 of March is a time of bad luck. The truth is it is a day that is no more likely to cause bad luck than say Friday the 13. It is only bad luck if you believe that it is. Then you can invite bad luck into your life if you choose but that is up to you.

It has actually been noted that more bad things do happen upon these days but that is probably due to expectation and noticing poor luck on these days that you may not have paid as much attention to on another ordinary day. That is probably due to expectation and noticing poor luck on these days that you may not have paid as much attention to on another ordinary day.

As you may have experienced the energy for March has been more of clearing out your old “Stuff”, Though decidedly uncomfortable if you have been going with the flow you will be feeling lighter. You may even notice that you feel more confident and dare I say it, happier about who you truly are. Just sayen. All that hard work has been helping us /

This month though has a few extra twists was the energy slides higher. It seems that our physical bodies are not keeping us with the shift as fast as our emotional and intellectual bodies and we are suffering more than is the general norm. 

Having said that it brings me to the coronavirus. This virus has brought a lot of panic into the world because you are attracting it with your belief systems. The more we believe what has been posted and probably by big pharma the more we the people give our power away. Yes, it is a choice, and many have chosen to be in fear. What attracts illness faster. Fear energy or “I am empowered” energy. So, stop check your energy. Choose wisely and also take precautions. Not from panic but from a well thought out strategy. Hey, enlightened spiritual people, we got this. Just remember that.

Just a Thought

By: Elizabeth Myers

Luck is an interesting topic.  I consider this as I look at the clover that has sprung up all around the yard.  The pecan trees have not sprouted. They have no leaves. I guess that is the difference between Clover and Pecan trees. Clover makes a guess and relies on luck.  Is winter over? It is warm enough to let us jump out of the ground! The pecan tree is patient. It knows the world still has some cold left in it. It is sure of its time.  It relies on patience and wisdom.   

Clover is amazing.   It is soft, delicate and has flowers.  It will call the bees early from their hiding places.  They will come and harvest the clover to make clover honey.  YUM! Bee vomit! It is not really Bee vomit by the way. It is from the bee’s honey stomach storage, not its food stomach.  No kidding! Who knew? The pecan trees may or may not sprout before the first bees come. The squirrels are hungry. They will be most hungry in the summer.  Nuts do not grow all year. They will take time to grow and the squirrels will be relying on their hoards until they do. There will not be large amounts of nuts and acorns until late summer or fall.  The squirrel tries not to rely on luck. He stores his food. He does rely on some luck. Sometimes the person does not mow their grass in a timely fashion. Seedy flowers grow and the squirrel is lucky.  He takes advantage of this by eating the seedy flowers as fast as he can.  

The pecan tree, who seems so wise and patient also relies on Luck.  I had one pecan tree here. The squirrel forgot where part of his hoard was.  Now there are many pecan trees around. The wise pecan tree grew its seeds and relied on the luck of a forgetful squirrel.  Maybe I am giving too much credit to the whole idea of what is wise and what is lucky?  

What is luck really?  Are we lucky when we win something?   Do we spend that dollar on the game and risk losing it for luck?  Are we the clover? Are we the Pecan tree? Are we both? Maybe we are the squirrel or the bee? It can be fun to try luck.  It can be wise to try patience. Our actions can bring the best of adventures and sometimes the worst misfortunes. I guess it depends on how you feel at the moment.  Is there even luck? Is luck the energy we invented to explain risk? I think it is, based on the clover, pecan trees, bees, and squirrels.  

Can luck be changed?  I think it can, based on clover, pecan trees, bees, and squirrels. They often seem to be able to change their luck by being clever.  The clover will sprout quickly and early beating the other flowers at calling the bees. It is a risk, there may be more cold but luckily it often pays off.  We can push risk to our favor. Do lucky charms work? Maybe so if we have enough push in them. If we add the energy to lower risk and raise reward. After all every year the clover comes again bringing the bees, and the pecan trees will eventually sprout, and I will not mow my yard in a timely manner.  The things here must believe this is a truly lucky place to be and every year I watch as things move the way they should. I am thinking about how lucky I am to have such an amazing yard to watch. I guess luck is just a blessing that happened to exist. And being lucky can be a blessing that was made by prayer.  If you look at things that way it makes a lot of sense. I am sure the squirrel prays for the pecans.  

Now I am just going to stop thinking or I will philosophy myself out of cooking lunch.  The dogs will not forgive that.

Eliz-sha  Wise Woman

Welcome to February Wisdomseekers.net Newsletter

As is normal, the energy is shaking and jiving along. But it is a good thing. The reason is we ask for it… we chose it. Why… because we have chosen to let go of all our old stuff. Things we can not bring with us to the new levels of energy. This is our fears our self dislike i.e. not good enough not special enough.

The truth is we are all part of the divine and if the divine is not good enough; then we are looking at this life as impossible and never being able to achieve this, only we can.  Actually, it is very simple and the answer is YES love yourself, simple but not necessarily easy to achieve. That is until it is easy, then it just simply is part of our thinking and being.

Do we fall backward at times, again Yes! It is not the fact that we fall, it is that we get up again and try. Then one day we simply do. After that falling down and making karma is not so bad. We have learned how to move above it and we know that all we have to do is look at the situation square on. Accept our fallacy and responsibilities. Then we can move forward  but we do not drag our mistakes with-us. We leave them where they belong, and that is where they happened. We have learned to love our self enough to trust that we will not do these same mistakes again. Or we have learned to let go of the ridged thinking we are sure is correct.  We have learned to love each person as they are. Do we want to spend time with each person, no but that is different.

This is all about us, it is all about loving ourselves enough to know that it is alright to make mistakes and forgive ourselves, then to love who we are at any given moment.  

So FEBRUARY the month of love is about loving ourselves first so we can love others more.

Just a Thought
By Elizabeth
February 2020

Long before I started being ‘out of the closet’ with my spirituality, my niece knew I could ‘talk to animals.’  She had absolute faith I could do this, and honestly, she had more faith in my ability than I did. I knew I had a good understanding of animals, and that ability ran in our family.  My son had it at a young age and I was often in a panic when he fed wild raccoons or walked with herds of deer. The adult mind is so logical.  

I digressed.  As I was saying my niece had an absolute belief that I understood all the animals around us, especially my dog Naomi.  The part of about Naomi was absolutely true. I had a very strong soul bond to that beautiful dog. One day while my niece was visiting, I went to go out the back door.  Sitting in the warm summer sun was the biggest blackest snake I had ever seen in my life. It had lovely shiny skin and a triangular head. A gazillion years of evolution kicked in all at once and my core fight or flight registered flight.  I headed back into the house at top speed and hyperventilating as my body processed the chemicals that had kept us alive long enough to breed as a species. My niece asked me the logical question, “What is wrong?”

“There is a large snake on the steps, don’t go outside, o.k.?”  I said to her while trying to calm my heart rate.

She looked at me with all the faith of a child who knew Santa Clause was real, Unicorns loved radishes, and we would one day see the loch ness monster together and said, “Why didn’t you ask it to move?”

Why didn’t I ask it to move?  I just kind of looked at her for a moment as my brain caught up to the situation I was in now.  There was no doubt in her that I could have just asked the snake to move. She believed that I was one with nature in all things.  It was important to me that she kept believing in the magic of the world. I straightened myself up and ran my hands in my hair. Then, after I had gathered my thoughts, I said to her, “Honestly and truthfully, I got scared and did not think to.  Besides, I think it was sleeping, it would have been rude to wake it up.” She nodded thoughtfully and went back to watching her show.   

Spirituality is part of us, but so is the reality of the world around us.  We leave in the body and think with our minds as well feel with hearts and souls.  When faced with the pure faith of something that loves us and believes in us, we will aspire to be greater and better.  Love is funny that way. When we show love, the things around us aspire to be greater and better as well. That is why Love combined with Faith and magnified with Hope is an unbeatable force in our lives.  We should tap into that when dealing with the people and animals in our lives. We should tap into when dealing with the whole of the world. Imagine what we could change with that kind of power?

Healing Naturally

By Erin Becks

There are many ways for us to help heal ourselves; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Meditation, for example, can help with stress levels, increase the connection to our Higher Self and Creator. A mediumship reading can offer healing by connecting to loved ones on the other side if only to find out that they are “ok” while Reiki is a type of energy healing that connects Life Force energy promoting self-healing.

I’m not discounting that science has contributed to research and answers to how our bodies work and discovered cures for things like measles, etc. We all have our own feelings and opinions on pharmaceuticals and the companies who provide what seems like “a pill for everything” these days but that is not what this is about. Mother Earth has provided us with plant medicine as a holistic approach to heal our bodies naturally since ancient times and it seemed as though we got away from that replacing it with synthetic medications with a pile of possible side effects causing us to decide whether the risks weigh out the benefits.

Native American cultures have a long history of using indigenous plants for a wide variety of medicinal purposes. For example, in the 1500’s, they used tea brewed from spruce needles helped the immune system, helping people stay healthy during the long, cold winter months. It was then discovered that the tea helped those who suffered from the disease scurvy, which is a deficiency in vitamin C.

There has been a change in the world which has brought back the importance and use of herbal remedies opening the eyes of many as to how powerful natural, holistic cures are. CBD oil has emerged and seems to be in every convenience or novelty stores around. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of stigma that goes along with it because many people are misinformed or not educated on the facts. CBD is not marijuana. CBD is made from the hemp plant and is an element that occurs naturally and is one of over 85 cannabinoids identified in the cannabis plant. We have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which is a part of our Central Nervous System that includes receptors, enzymes, and neurotransmitters. The Cannabinoids in the Cannabis plant links our ECS

Hi, this is Eliz-sha and welcome to the new decade and 2020.

I am very excited about this decade and I am wondering is it will have the echo of the roaring 20s from the 1900s. Imagine having powerful dance moves, innovative clothing styles but most of all a new way of perceiving and living life.  That is what I feel 2020 will bring for us. We are heading into a new life and it will take us out of the old ways of living. This decade will move us from being followers to being individuals, knowing what is right from our heart energy. We will get to the place where we no longer will follow others’ leads for our beliefs unless they feel right to us. This will make the world a  much more inviting place to live. Less bullying because someone is afraid to be different from the pack leader. More variety in our daily lives because it will be alright to be who we truly are. What designer jeans a thing of the past, not likely they look great on certain people and that is the kind of person they are. Personally I will still be sporting my homemade pants because I like them.

Indie music will become commonplace and radio stations will learn to be eclectic in style. Or loose there following. There will be more talk shows and people will find out about the real Magee, not the public made-up the persona of our heroes from TV or more likely web programing.

In short, if it is now mainstream it will become more individual tastes. Mini skirts will be next to Maxie dresses and guys will wear out of date duster coats because they like them not because they make a statement. I am looking forward to an exciting decade of becoming individuals within a strong community of support.  Eliz-sha

Just A Thought

By Elizabeth aka Aunt Beth

January 2020

Elizabeth Myers
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noun [ C ]

person who is thought to have special powers to control or influence good and evil spirits, making it possible for them to discover the cause of illnessbad luck, etc.

Just a thought

By Elizabeth

January 2020

The first day of the year, of a beginning year.  We have fresh years to look forward to. The 1920’s were called the roaring 20’s.  Mostly because people ‘roared’ against custom and authority. Will these new ’20s be roaring?  Will they be a time of quiet change? I have stated in my writing before that this is a starter year.  That means that is the perfect time to begin things, including change.  

Do I want to change? Now there is a thought.  I have no traditions left from my childhood. My life has gone through a fire that has wiped almost everything from past away.    That happens to people sometimes. I do not feel sorry for myself. I am actually quite excited about it for the first time in a long time.  Sometimes the difficulties in our lives are like that. They leave us with a blank canvas to paint a new picture on. It was not fun while that fire was burning away my life.  It was actually brutal and I cried a great deal. Now though, I have picked up my weapons and I am ready to kick ass.  

This is a starter year.  Will we roar? Will we just quietly give the past an impolite bit of sign language and change quietly?  What will we start? What is it that we want? What is that we really really really want? This is the year to look it in the face and like a determined lover say to it “Come here, You were always meant to be mine and now I claim you with all the passion and determination that I can hold in my being.”  

Its a starter year.  I plan on starting with every ounce of life I can live.  How about you? Are you planning on starting something?

Thank you for reading Just A Thought.  Please think of me if you would like a fun life path reading.  I would be honored.

I’m writing this on Boxing Day (It’s a Canada and England thing) and currently listing to The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer for the second time in the last month. I don’t even remember how I heard about this book, but I’ve picked up so much from this audiobook It has prompted me to look at my life and where I resist the flow of life. And I have to say I resist a lot to my personal preferences. It has gotten to the point that I don’t even recognize myself anymore, not my physical self but my personality self.  I used to be a more go with the flow. My husband joked for years that I am a dental floss and a straw type of person. So go with the flow that I could make dental floss and a straw fun. I have to say I really miss that person. I miss the open Kristin that I know and love.  

If you have not read or listened to the Surrender Experiment, I do recommend it. It may be something that resonates with you, it may not be something that resonates with you. Either way, it’s all good. But the idea, the concept of surrendering to life’s flow is one that I am very intrigued by as we move into the New Year.  

So here we are and 2020 is upon us. And I’m getting ready to step in and let the universe know what I want. I am making the decision and then letting life unfold the path. I have so many scenarios for how to get where I want to go and I am deciding which are the most ideal. But what if I’m wrong? What if the life flow has something even better? What if I just hold on to what I want and follow the path to get there.  

And then I start wondering, “What if I don’t choose where I want to go? What if I just let life flow me?” In the book, Michael shares how the only thing he strived for was to quiet the chatter in his head. He didn’t have a goal to build an amazing spiritual community. He didn’t strive to build an amazing computer software company. In fact, the only thing he really seemed to want was to let go of his egoic self.  
I’m not sure I can let go to that extent yet.  As I move forward I can get there,  but I don’t think I’m there yet. But I do want to let go more this year and find myself again and it will start with letting go of the resistance I have held on so tightly to. Can I have a vision for what I want in life and let go of the path I think should take me there? Or can I have a vision for what I want in life and let go of the path I think should take me there and let life’s flow find the best path there is to get there? I’m opting for the latter, as the former has caused a lot of frustration, and the tighter I hold to my idea of how to get there, the faster the things I want slip through my fingers.  

One thing I want to clarify, just because I’m making the choice to surrender to the flow of life in 2020 does not mean I am going to sit idly by sitting on my couch binge-watching TV shows on Netflix (as much as I’d love to do that, there are so many shows I want to watch). I am still going to do my work, but I am not going to be as resistant to ideas and requests. And anything I do I am going to put my whole heart into it. I used to link surrendering to not doing anything, but that is not what it’s about. I think the deep dive on that, is a great topic for a later post, so keep a keen eye for that rabbit hole 🙂

So here is to a year of surrender and letting life’s flow show the path. Here’s to a year of going with the flow and not bucking the current and Abraham would say. I am so excited to join you in the new year, new decade. Bring on the flapper dresses and mob cars. Here’s to the roaring 20s!