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Energy Work with Nicola Biofield Healing Infusion

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Nicola Anschel, Biofield Healing Infusion (similar to Quantum Energy)

For many years I have studied and practiced several healing modalities to include reflexology, aromatherapy, Reiki, and others. Recently I was introduced, trained, and certified as a practitioner of Biofield Healing with Debora Wayne of the Biofield Institute.  In addition, the biofield healing has been studied scientifically since the 1990s (Ted Talk, Biofield Science, Dr. Shamini Jain.

I now offer the Biofield Healing Infusion. This can be done in person or transmitted distantly, as the energy has no time nor space limits.

Normally it is recommended to give three 35-45 minute sessions, spaced apart by 5 to 7 days to get the full benefit, however, it is also very beneficial to get a short intense session if one is going into a stressful situation like to a dentist, a courtroom, a hospital to visit a sick relative, for example, the energy boost will elevate the frequency in your field to minimize the stress. Please note that each session will cost $88.00

Offered with love and light,


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