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My name is Eliz-sha.  My friends and I have created this oasis of spiritual water for you, and we welcome to our web page!   We are here to be of service to you and offer you our best psychic readers, tarot card readers, animal communicators, and many other types of exciting and trained professional psychic readers. Our psychic readers and energy workers have passed very important tests before they can read for you, our valued patrons.

 We are also delighted to be able to offer you a small exclusive store where our products are personally chosen for you by those well versed in energy.  We’ve chosen special energy stones, designed lovely pendants while using positive energy, and created energy making wands (orgonite) for that special need in your life.

Please come in look around at our very easy to navigate webpage.  We know you will feel at home. Our goal is to enhance your life with positive spiritual energy for your souljk. If you have esoteric questions, we have some answers.  We are well trained, confidential, and versatile psychic readers and spiritual advisers who can help you find the answers to your difficult questions. 

Wolf during the full moon

With our very strong intuitive and educated readers, we do have the answer to a great many of your questions.

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